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Stewarding at the Honey Show

I really didn’t know what to expect when I volunteered to be a steward and was rather nervous when I turned up at Winterbourne at 8am last Saturday. However, putting on the smart white coat provided by Nat made me feel a bit more confident and official and soon, Abid and I were being introduced to the 2 judges in the Show tent. They were a supremely confident and professional pair of gentleman who had driven down from Yorkshire that morning. They competently organised us and introduced us to the art of judging. It turned out that our primary task was to accurately record their judgements for each class and dash round to deliver a paper copy to the team in the office tent, next door, who looked up the names of the winners and wrote out the results cards. But whilst doing this, we were able to watch the judges at work and get all sorts of insights into how they came to their decisions.

I was working with Peter who was responsible for judging all the even classes. He was great fun to be with, very enthusiastic and keen to share and explain his professional methods. He had brought with him a huge bag which he delved into to produce special equipment needed to help with his judging -including, for example, honey colour grading glasses, weighing scales, special cake cutting knives, wine glasses to name but a few.

I was amazed by the attention given to technical details before any comparison of the qualities of the entries. Many entries were disqualified on technicalities – for example every beeswax block was weighed, the diameter of every cake was measured and each pair of honey jars was scrutinised to check whether they contained honey from the same source.

Then when every flawed entry had been eliminated, the final judgement was made by the mysterious art of sniffing and tasting.

Overall, it was a really illuminating and fascinating experience from which I learnt an awful lot and thoroughly enjoyed. I certainly recommend it to anyone else interested in the judging process.



National Honey Show 2020 – A New Online Experience!

This year’s National Honey Show, 22nd to 24th October 2020, will be a professional, online conference – the first event of its kind in the UK beekeeping world!
Everyone is welcome to attend the event, free of charge. Registration will go live in early October.

Attendees will be able to attend lectures, demonstrations, visit the trade hall and take part in other exciting activities. Planning for the virtual conference is evolving so visit the National Honey Show website and Facebook page for more news as content is added to the show over the coming weeks.

The show will feature a series of lectures and demonstrations, followed by live online Q&A sessions, with the opportunity to ask questions via the ‘chat’ facility.

Live Lectures:
Michael Palmer, A year at French Hill Apiaries
Etienne Bruneau, The honey market in turmoil
Jeff Pettis, Long live the queen, please! Why are queens failing?
Live Demonstrations:
Gwyn Marsh, Making Beeswax Wraps
Chris Park, Skep Making
Sara Robb, Making Beeswax Soap
John Goodwin, Showing Honey
Evening events will be hosted on Thursday by The Central Association of Bee-Keepers, with a live lecture by Medhat Nasr from the Canadian Prairies; and on Friday, Bees for Development welcome you to their live online Quiz evening.
Trade Hall:
All your favourite traders will be represented in the Trade Hall, where you will be able to keep in touch with their latest offerings.
We know the lack of a physical Show will be disappointing, as it is for us all, but we hope to offer an exciting armchair event, where the National Honey Show Community can come together online.