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Charlie (Charlotte) James


Please direct all enquiries to the Secretary.

Swarm Collection

follow link to BBKA pages for advice on Identifying honey bees and/or contacting a local swarm collector.

Swarms – Are you a member of BDBKA?  Ask John to be added to the Swarm waiting list.
John Gale

☎️ 0121 471 1267
📱 07804 652 546

Our members are volunteers who can only help with honey bees.  They have jobs and families and may not be able to respond immediately to your enquiry.  Follow the link to the BBKA Swarm Removal page and enter your postcode to find a volunteer swarm collector in your area.

Sam Walker

Apiary Manager
Highbury Park
Colin Bayliss

📱 07771 881 065

Social Secretary
Nathaniel Hateley


Honey Show Secretary
Jan Willetts

Honey Show Manager
Jan Willetts

Sue Newbury