The Birmingham Open Honey Show 2024

Will be held on

Saturday 7th September and Sunday 8th September
10.30am – 4.30pm
Winterbourne House and Gardens

Click on the honey jars to see photos of the Birmingham Honey Show.

Information for Exhibitors:
The Birmingham Honey Show is an open show which means that any member of the British Bee Keepers Assn can enter regardless of what area or branch association you are a part of. Members’ classes as listed in the schedule, are restricted to Birmingham and District Bee Keepers Assn

Information for Visitors
The Birmingham Bee Keepers Assn works in Partnership with Winterbourne House and Gardens. If you are not an Exhibitor, The show takes place within the Heritage Open days event. The Honey Show at Winterbourne therefore makes for a great day out. The opportunity to Explore a fine Edwardian house and botanical Garden and at the same time finding out all there is to know about bees and honey!

2024 Honey show flyer 2 x A5

Results of 2023 Honey show

Honey Show 2015