Month: March 2024

AGM February 2024

This years AGM was made extra special as some of our long serving branch Committee members decided to pass on the committee torch to others (after many years service between them) We presented each of them with a personal, engraved hive tool and a special commemorative gift .

Sam Walker joined the committee in approximately 2017 where she was the newsletter editor until 2019.She then became president of the branch from 2020-2022.Sam then had a year as our swarm coordinator in 2023 and is now concentrating on her own apiary, teaching bee courses and she is currently our branch Asian Hornet co-ordinator.

John Gale has been with the committee for many years and he has done the vast majority of committee roles. He made sure that every month we had a copy of the newsletter. He could often be found in the stores, mending or replacing equipment. John was also our branch swarm coordinator and more recently our honey show manager.

Sharif Khan joined the branch approximately 16 or 17 years ago .He became the president in 2015 and he then moved on to become the treasurer. In 2023 he stepped up and became the acting honey show manager he co ordinated the volunteers ensuring the success of the event.

Jane Nimmo (seen here collecting her  module 5, honey bee biology certificate) has been our education co-ordinator for approximately 4 years. She  ran lots of training courses, queen rearing sessions  and is always encouraging people to take their basic bee assessment. Jane is currently the secretary for the Wbka.

Many thanks on behalf of the B&DBKA for the tireless work they have all done for the branch