Highbury Apiary

NB:  Visitor numbers at Highbury Apiary are currently restricted to MEMBERS ONLY.  If you have any questions about visiting please call the Apiary Manager.  Details are at bottom of this page or on the Contacts page. 

The BDBKA Members’ Training Apiary is in Highbury Park, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B13 8QG. There are approximately 24 hives, 5 belonging to the Association and the rest belonging to our members.

We meet on Saturday afternoons at 2pm (weather permitting) beginning in the second week of May through to the end of August.

It is possible for members of the public with an interest in beekeeping to visit us to observe our activities.  We do have protective bee-suits for visitors to use but ask that you wear wellingtons or boots that cover the ankles and bring along a pair of Marigold, washing-up, type gloves.  Visitors are limited to observation only.  No handling of bees and/or equipment is allowed.  Follow this link to read a Disclaimer which you will be required to sign.

Highbury Park Car Park is located at south-west corner of the park, near the junction of Shutlock Lane and Dads Lane.  Cyclists and pedestrians can also enter the park through gates at the north-east and north-west corners, and along the western edge at Moor Green Lane/Shutlock Lane.

When entering the park via Shutlock Lane, follow the path up past the car park following it round to the left. Continue for approx. 400 yards.  When you see a pond on your left, the apiary lies back on your right side up the slope.

You may drive through the park to the apiary but there is a post barrier in the car park which can be lifted only if the beekeepers are present and the post is unlocked.


If you are not bringing/collecting equipment to or from the Apiary please consider walking from the public car park.

If you do drive up to the Apiary DO NOT PARK near or on the roots of the large Oak tree.  This will result in complaints to the Park Rangers about us.

The ground is currently waterlogged.  PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK.

THIS IS A PUBLIC PARK.  USE HAZARD WARNING LIGHTS AND DRIVE AT 5 MPH when driving along the public pathway.

 Apiary Manager: Colin Bayliss – 07 771 881 065