.....   of the Association is open to all and consists of the following categories

Full Member:  Typically for a person who has or wants to keep bees, includes hive/s insurance. Also receives monthly copies of The Beehive, the Warwickshire Beekeeper and the BBKA News.
Has voting rights.

Partner Member:  This category is for persons residing at the same address as a Full Member who has or wants to keep bees.  As such, they do not receive the publications listed above.
Has voting rights.

Junior Member:  A person under the age of 18 years and keeping bees.
No voting rights.

Associate/Family Member:  A person who doesn't keep bees but nevertheless supports the Association.
No voting rights.

The application form with current subscription rates, constitution clauses and apiary rules can be viewed and printed here  ...  2017 membership form.

It is important to note:

Subscriptions shall become due and payable on the first day of December each year. Members shall be excluded from Membership if they have not paid their subscriptions either by 28th or 29th February.  Such persons shall be notified by the Secretary of the intention to exclude them not later than fourteen days prior to the proposed date of exclusion.

New Members joining after the 30th September in any year, their subscription shall be effective until the end of the following calendar year.