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Summer Meetings are held at our Apiary in Highbury Park.  Association and members' hives undergo inspection by that well known pest of the bee, the beekeeper.

2.00pm every Saturday between June and August.
See the Highbury Apiary page for further information.

Apiary meetings will resume in Spring 2018

Winter meetings are lively and educational with a mixture of lectures and talks covering the basics for new beekeepers.  Tea and bisbuits are available.

January 2018
Friday 26 January - Branch Meeting
Speaker:  Nicola Farrin, Principal Ecology Officer, Birmingham CC
Improving habitats for bees and other pollinators in Birmingham

February 2018
Friday 23 February - Branch Meeting
Annual General Meeting

March 2018
Friday 23 March  - Branch Meeting
Speaker:  Dave Bonner, Master Beekeeper
Preparing for Spring
(NB:  Friday 30 March is Good Friday)


Meetings take place at 7.30pm on the last Friday of the month from September through to April at

Dame Elizabeth Hall.
Firbank Close (off Oak Tree Lane)
B30 1UA