How to publish content

Before you can add a page to the website you need to get approval and a username and password from the committee.

1 login by clicking on the login icon at the bottom of any page using your user name and password.
2 click dashboard symbol looks like car speedo
3 click on posts or pages
4 click on add new
5 enter a title
6 type or paste your text in the large box

7 to add photo go to dashboard click on media then add new
8 you can now upload file from your computer follow onscreen instructions
9 go back to edit page click on add media then select photo click on insert into page
10 you can add PDFs to media library the same way
11 to add PDFs to page use add media as for photo
12 PDFs will appear as clickable link only
13 this (lines 10-12) is method to use if you want a printable document.
14 the link when clicked will open the document in a new window and you can print it out straight from the browser without saving it as a file.
15 to make PDFs appear on page make sure "text" tab is selected at top right of text box
16 in link that starts <a href   Copy from http:   as far as   .pdf   and paste it into a separate line but do not include the inverted commas.  The pdf will appear in a box on the page
17 for pages only not posts go down to page attributes and select full width page template
18 click on publish button in publish box
19 status will change to published
20 to edit click on all pages or all posts and click on edit underneath page or post
21 you will only be able to edit your own posts or pages
22 don't forget to click the update button